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Believing_in_yourself_652020 Add2cart Believing In Yourself
A Practical Guide to Building Self-Confidence Developing your capacity to love, both yourself and others Making Conscious decisions Acknowledging and using your inner senses and personal insight Being aware of your goals and motivations Managing conflict effectively. Erik Blumenthal ISBN: 1-85168-135-3

Add2cart Embracing Brokenness
Embracing Brokenness is a book that describes ‘How God Refines Us Through Life’s Disappointments”. Suffering is a subject that many Christians prefer not to discuss. It has a negative connation. However, suffering is one of Father God’s tools he uses to refine us. Brokenness is about death, the cessation of the unbridled spirit. Anyone who has gone to a season of suffering, remembers the pain, discomfort, or loss. Alan E. Nelson ISBN: 1-57683-313-5

Add2cart Effective Leadership
Effective Leadership comprises effective keys. Wisdom and Insight for God’s Set Man/Woman and their Ministry Leadership Teams Understanding the function and responsibility of Elders How to release resources for the vision Ministry temptations to guard against Leadership styles and ministry profiles God given dreams for motivation and fulfillment. Frank Damazio ISBN: 091-4936549

Add2cart Ministerial Ethics
Ministerial Ethics second edition is study intended to teach Christian ministry students the unique moral role of the minister and the ethical responsibilities of that vocation. A second purpose is a more practical; to provide new and established ministries with a clear and concise statement of their ethical obligations, contemporary clergy should assume in their personal and professional lives. Joe E. Trull & James E Carter ISBN: 0-810-2755-1

Add2cart 14 Test All Leaders Must Face
Discover 14 tests God administers to release the full potential of those he anoints. These include the tests of motivation, time, servitude and character. It is encouraging to know that God uses these tests to increase your capacity and strength through a deeper relationship with Him. Frank Damazio ISBN: 978-59383-057-1

Add2cart Ministerial Ethnics: A guide for Spiritfilled Leaders
Helps ministers deal with ethical decisions and dilemmas. Answers questions concerning ethics in three featured parts: The basis for Christian Ethics, Scripture, Ethics and Church Doctrine, and Ethics in Practical Ministry. T. Burton Pierce & Stanley M. Hurton ISBN: 13:9780882433202

Add2cart Basic Budgeting for churches
A complete Guide for churches Because many pastors and churches do not know how to develop and operate a simple budget, they have missed the 'best' and have settled for the 'best they know how" Jack A Henry ISBN: 978-0-8054-6175-6

Add2cart Administration in the small membership church
Effective church administration enhance ministry. For many pastors, church administration may be their least favorite area of ministry. But whether they love it or loathe it, they probably spend more time on administration than on any other single area of ministry. This book will help pastors create and maintain effective structures that will enable them to spend most of their time on what they truly value. John H Tyson ISBN: 13:978-0-687-64643-2

New_discovering_your_spirtual_gifts_672020 Add2cart Discovering Your Spiritual Gits
Discovering your spiritual gifts. Is a personal study of the inventory Method designed by God for every Christian to help identify their specific God-given gifts. No one Christian possess every gift of the Spirit, every Christian possesses some of God’s wonderful gifts. Effective ministry depends on the discovery of every Christian. Kenneth Cain Kinghorn ISBN:978-031075061